By Rick Ritter

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Concern surrounds a popular Maryland bike trail after a group of people find razor blade like “booby traps” hidden among the path nearly stabbing themselves.

WJZ’s Rick Ritter has more on the find that has a lot of people on edge.

Police say it’s obvious the booby traps were intentionally planted along the trail.

Even worse, they’re worried more could be out there.

“If something happened, it would certainly be traumatic,” said Frederick trail biker Zach Brown.

It’s this find along a Frederick trail that’s left some speechless.

“I can’t think of a word to describe it,” Brown said.

On Labor Day, a group of bikers came across the traps in the Frederick watershed near Fishing Creek Road.

Razor blades sticking upright from blocks of wood hidden in the dirt nearly slicked a hiker in his food.

Within hours, the picture of the booby trap became the talk of the town.

“Whoever is doing it and what they’re doing it for,” said one hiker, “is just uncalled for.”

Signs are now being posted throughout the area, warning bikers about what was found. But many say it’s not the first time they’ve heard about something like this happening in the wooded area.

Bikers like Zach Brown and Adam Lahart say riding at high speeds and hitting a trap is an easy injury. One that could even be fatal.

“Whatever we come up on,” said Lahart. “We have to deal with and we’re going so fast and it’s not like walking through a trail.”

Police tell WJZ they’re now investigating.

Many are left wondering what would possess someone to plant it.

“You’ve just got to be a special, evil person to do something like that I think,” said one hiker.

“Just please stop,” said  Brown. “We’re not out here harming anybody.”

Police say so far there’s no suspects, and the size of the wooded area makes enforcement far from easy.

The sheriff’s office will meet with city police to decide what steps should be taken to handle enforcement in the watershed.

Rick Ritter

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