Mark Clayton is a former Ravens wide receiver who has a new company Livv Headphones.

Mark joined Ed and Steve to talk about his new company and talk some NFL on the day the season begins.

Steve asked Mark about how he started his new company Livv Headphones. Mark explained that the inspiration to start this business came from his playing days with the Ravens, “I remember in pregames with the Ravens wearing headphones and breaking them. So it hit me, ‘why haven’t they made headphones that are over ear that stay on your head when working out?’ So I began sketching.”

Ed asked Mark about what separates his headphones from other competitors. Mark noted that it is his headband that makes the difference, “I have two patents on the headband, which is the heart of the entire design. It is sleek and strong. We use memory phone pads that make it really comfortable and it fits likes a glove.”

Mark went on to discuss whether he intends to have some of his former NFL colleagues still playing in the league to wear and support the headphones as well as additional information regarding the headphones.


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