PIKESVILLE, Md. (WJZ)—A young boy is facing an assault charge after he attempted to kiss one of his fellow classmates on Wednesday.

Baltimore County police were called to the scene after they were contacted by officials at Pikesville Middle School.

Police say they interviewed a 14-year-old girl, an 8th grader at the school, who says her 13-year-old classmate grabbed her shirt near her stomach and “open moth kissed her with his tongue.”

The 13-year-old boy is also an 8th grader at the school and says he kissed his classmate on a dare.

The boy is being charged with second degree assault as a juvenile and was released to his mother following the incident.

Police were unable to comment on any disciplinary action being taken by the school.

WJZ has reached out to officials at Pikesville Middle School but they have not yet responded.

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