NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (WJZ) — Baltimore illusionist Spencer Horsman is rushed to the hospital while trying to escape the same water torture stunt that nearly killed him in June.

Marcus Washington and WJZ’s cameraman were just feet away when paramedics pulled his limp body from the water tank before a live audience in New Jersey.

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While some now speculate it was a publicity stunt to sell tickets to this weekend’s show, Marcus Washington explains emergency responders in New Brunsick as a real life rescue.

For two and a half minutes, Spencer Horsman was submerged underwater, unlocking a series of 16 different locks. It wasn’t until that very last lock that things turned from entertaining to terrifying.

It is the stunt that has put Baltimore native Spencer Horsman in the hospital before.

“It is a risky stunt. As Spencer was addressing the crowd, he was saying this is real.”

He was submerged, again, in a box filled with water as he attempted to unlock nearly two dozen padlocks.

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WATCH: Baltimore Escape Artist Spencer Horsman Nearly Drowns When Stunt Goes Wrong

In front of the State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey, a crowd watched as Spencer was locked in what is called the water torture cell.

After unlocking 15 locks, the 16th and final lock was unlocked–but Spencer could not remove it.

“It looked like he was just not able to get a good grab on that lock, which I’m guessing is him starting to lose consciousness.”

The crew rushed in, pulling his limp body from the box.

Paramedics quickly responded to the now-conscious Horsman. Minutes later, Spencer threw a peace sign, saying he was OK as he’s rushed to the ambulance.

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The show will go on as expected from Friday until Sunday. There’s no word if Spencer will be a part of the show.