By Pat Warren

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Marylanders and the presidential primaries. A CBS/New York Times poll puts Maryland’s Ben Carson within striking distance of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and shows former governor Martin O’Malley barely registering.

Political reporter Pat Warren looks at the difference.

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It seems a little upside-down that the retired surgeon would be so close and the former governor so far in their respective parties.

Retired Maryland neurosurgeon Ben Carson in the spotlight with WJZ at the time of his presidential announcement, when, til now, his spotlight was in the operating room.

Former governor Martin O’Malley in the national spotlight as chair of the Democratic Governors Association.

Two men with two different styles.

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The new CBS/New York Times poll tells a story. Ben Carson is favored by 23 percent of Republicans–four points behind frontrunner Donald Trump–while Martin O’Malley registers less than a half percent of Democrats.

“I think there are two different primaries, two different political parties, and what’s happening with Ben Carson is clearly that he is appealing to the religious right,” said Don Norris, UMBC School of Public Policy.

“Martin simply hasn’t resonated,” he added. “What I’m hearing from people is his stump speech is not particularly good, and he’s not coming across well when he’s giving it.”

As for Ben Carson’s chances winning the nomination?

“A month ago, I would have said zero. I would have also said zero for Donald Trump. And right now, both of them look like they could pull it off,” Norris said.

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The next Republican presidential debate is next month in Boulder, Colorado.