FREDERICK, Md. (WJZ) — New measures are put into place in Frederick after dangerous booby traps are found on popular outdoor trails.

Jessica Kartalija has the latest on the investigation.

Investigators are now turning to cameras to try and figure out who is doing this.

Simple yet terrifying traps — razor blades mounted in boards — are turning up again in the Frederick Municipal Forest. The vast watershed is a mecca for cyclists, hikers and hunters.

The latest two traps were found this week by cyclists after another pair were discovered last week.

“We’ve heard of trip wire, razor blades, barbed wire,” one cyclist said.

“Whatever we come up on is what we’ve got to deal with. We’re going so fast, it’s not like just walking through a trail,” said another.

This is only the latest episode of razor traps found in the watershed. Previous incidents date back to at least 2013.

So far, there have been no injuries, but also, no arrests.

“We’re looking at not so much what’s happened in the past, but going forward the types of things we’re finding up there, the people we see coming and going,” said Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, Frederick County Sheriff’s Office. “We’re going to do the best we can to identify the suspect, whether it’s a hunter trying to keep a biker out or bikers trying to keep the hunters out or maybe some of these ecological types of folks who are trying to keep both parties out. We really don’t know.”

Authorities are hiding motion triggered trail cameras in the vast forest of the Frederick watershed.

They are trying to catch whoever has been laying booby traps on trails that feature razor blades with the potential to badly slash people’s feet–or worse.

Officials are not saying how many cameras are deployed, or where they may be.

Meanwhile, students from Hood College are deploying trail cameras in an effort to collect data on how many people are using the watershed area and what they’re using the trail for.