Tony Lombardi with the Russell Street Report joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn to recap the Ravens loss to the Oakland Raiders.

John Harbaugh said in the post game press conference that his Ravens suffered from a lack of adjustments and were out-coached.  Terry and Jeremy asked Tony if he believes that the Ravens were out-coached, “If you know these guys are going to throw these screens and they show it pre-snap and if you don’t adjust in-game then yeah, I would say you got outcoached. Those aren’t major adjustments to make. Those are pretty recognizable formations but time and time they still allowed Carr to get the ball out.”

Later the guys talked about the fact that the Ravens didn’t seem to put enough pressure on Raiders Quarterback David Carr after frustrating Peyton Manning the previous week. “It’s interesting that the week before you go against probably the most cerebral quarterback in the history of the NFL and you confuse him and then you going against a second year quarterback without the skill set players that the Denver Broncos have and you don’t try and confuse him and disguise coverages. It just seemed like they got a little lazy.”

Listen to the full interview here and don’t forget to follow Jeremy and Terry on twitter: @JeremyConn1057 and @radioterryford



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