BALTIMORE (WJZ) – A newly released report is shedding light on Freddie Gray’s final moments.

Tracey Leong reports for WJZ.

During Freddie Gray’s final moments in the back of a police van, the 25-year-old called for medical attention.

Officer William Porter told investigators that Gray asked for help several times, and wanted to go to a hospital.

Porter then told the van’s driver, Officer Caesar Goodson, that Gray wouldn’t be accepted in the condition that he was in. Porter also stated that he wasn’t sure if Gray was just trying to convince the officers to take him to a hospital instead of jail.

Legal expert Andrew Levy weighed in on the newly released report.

“He is going to say [he] acted reasonably under the circumstances, ‘I didn’t try to injure him, I didn’t act callous, I didn’t ignore him,’” Levy said. “’I did what was reasonable under the circumstances’. If the jury accepts that, that’s a defense to a criminal charge.”

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Congressman Elijah Cummings says the revelations will help the public better understand the allegations.

“I think a lot of people were upset when they heard there would be separate trials,” said Cummings. “But now, I think they understand better because there are conflicting statements.”

Gray’s death while in police custody this past April sparked several protests and unrest.

And while this article sheds new light on the case, Levy says it’s too soon to jump to conclusions.

“We don’t know all of the facts, and only the jury is going to have the complete picture,” said Levy.

A new hearing is scheduled this Tuesday for the six officers.

Read the full Baltimore Sun report HERE.


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