Mike Preston covers the Ravens and writes a column for the Baltimore Sun sports section.

Mike grades the Ravens performance in a 28-24 loss to the Bengals.

Mike started with the Offense giving Joe a grade of C saying that while Joe put up good numbers “the Bengals still seem to be in his head.” The running backs received a grade of D saying “the Ravens aren’t going to win many games with these results.” Mike gave the receivers a C and the offensive line also received a C saying “the Ravens were decent in pass protection, but couldn’t open up any running lanes.

As for the Defense Mike gave the d line a grade of C saying “the Ravens got shoved around early and the Bengals went straight at tackles Brandon Williams and Lawrence Guy” while the linebackers were given a grade of C-. The secondary received the lowest grade with Mike giving them and F and saying “the Ravens aren’t physical and don’t challenge receivers at the line of scrimmage.”

The special teams received a D+, and Mike gave the coaching a D saying “Coach John Harbaugh has to look at himself in the mirror.”

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