COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WJZ) – The University of Maryland’s Byrd Stadium could soon have a different name.

Tracey Leong reports for WJZ.

Some have argued the football stadium is named after a man with racist beliefs, and this prompted the university president to form a group to evaluate their options.

“President Loh feels it’s really important to get as much campus input as possible, which is why he formed this committee, faculty, staff, students, this is their university, too,” said assistant vice president of marketing, Brian Ullmann.

According to one University of Maryland student, “The university should definitely take it into consideration,” said Frederique Thompson. “It will be like a domino effect where people are going to look for names to change.”

One of the university’s football players, Mbi Tanyi, also weighed in.

“We are representing the name of the stadium,” Tanyi said. “The name should come into factor, since I play there. Whatever name I want to represent should be just.”

Other football players shared the same sentiment in voicing their disapproval in associating with a historically negative image.

Some students also believe that if the allegations about Byrd are true, the school should in fact change the name.

The group’s final report whether to change or keep the name of Byrd stadium is due December 11.

The university’s president can then make a recommendation based on the report to the University System of Maryland Board of Regents.