BALTIMORE (WJZ)  — It was an important hearing in the Freddie Gray case as a judge ordered all of the trials for six accused officers to be postponed.

Derek Valcourt has more on the new trial dates.

Five of the six accused officers appeared in the courtroom. Only Officer William Porter waived his right to be present.

Prosecutors want to put him on trial first and his defense team said they wouldn’t be ready for the original trial date in two weeks.

“October 13 really wasn’t giving anyone enough time to prepare adequately for the case,” said courtroom observer J. Wyndal Gordon.

Gordon has sat in on the hearings as an observer. He believes the state’s case hinges on Officer Porter, who reportedly told investigators that he and other officers knew Freddie Gray complained about needing medical attention. That directly contradicts statements by other officers, including Sgt. Alicia White, who reportedly told investigators she was unaware of Gray’s injuries.

Gordon says he believes that’s why prosecutors want to put Porter on trial first.

“So for instance if Porter is convicted and the state would have to determine what the sentence would be and if he cooperates with the state to obtain further convictions for the other officers, that could assist his sentencing,” Gordon said. “I think the case still rises and falls on Officer Porter.”

The judge agreed to schedule Porter’s trial for November 30. The next two trials for Officer Caesar Goodson and Sgt. Alicia White are set for January and officers Nero and Miller are set to go on trial in February and Lt. Brian Rice in March.

The hearing itself didn’t last long—a couple of minutes for each of the officers, who said little to nothing.

Goodson, the driver of the transport van that took Freddie Gray, faces the most serious charge of depraved heart murder.


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