Roch Kubatko with MASN Sports joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn to recap the Orioles disappointing 2015 season and to look forward to the Orioles off-season.

With multiple Orioles set to hit the free market this off-season, Scott thinks this will be one of the most important off-seasons for the Orioles in recent memory. He asked if Roch agrees with his school of thought, “I would agree with that for a couple reasons. This is an All Star group of guys here and how many of them can you keep? How much different would this club look if you end up losing a Davis and Wieters and Chen and O’Day and the leadership that you lose. You can’t understate that. If you take away O’Day who is invaluable with his leadership in that bullpen. How do you replace that because I don’t think they adequately did this past off-season.”

With so many key pieces set to leave, the guys asked Roch if he sees the Orioles spending a lot of money this off-season. “I don’t see a ton of money but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them do more than they have in the past because they’re going to have to. I talked with owner Peter Angelos earlier today and he expressed a desire to keep Chris Davis. He’s a priority. Buck said it and Dan Duquette said it. If you want to keep Chris Davis then you’re going to have to spend but then you still hear Dan Duquette talk about starting pitching as a number one priority. You’re going to have to go out there and get pitching whether you trade for it or whether you’re able to go out there in free agency and that’s going to cost money. Money will have to be spent and there is no two ways about it. Everyone seems confident that the funds are there and the resources are there to do it. It’s just how much?”

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