ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)–A 30-day voyage on a kayak through the mid-Atlantic waterways ends today.

WJZ’s Amy Yensi has more on the adventure.

30 days ago, an intrepid team of an environmentalists boarded their kayaks and embarked on a journey to study local waters and marine life.

The epic adventure ends, where it began: Sandy Point Beach in Annapolis.

The crew consists of two veteran environmentalists who took the same trip a decade ago and some budding nature lovers.

“What we were surprised at is the amount of shoreline erosion,” said Don Baugh, Environmentalist, Upstream Alliance

For an entire month, the fleet of kayaks traveled through Maryland waterways, into the Delaware Bay and cruising the Atlantic Ocean. It’s the inaugural trip for the Upstream Alliance.

For 30 days the crew tested water quality, studied fish and did lots of paddling. The 500 miles were not all smooth sailing. Last week’s nor’easter threatened to cut the trip short.

Alex Crooks laughed as she described the voyage as a “roller coaster in every possible way”.

With A better understanding of what lies beneath the surface, comes determination to preserve it.

“It’s impossible not to be inspired when you spend such an in-depth time in one of America’s greatest eco-systems,” said crew member Stephen Eren.

If you think 30 days is a long time. Some crew members say they can’t wait to take the trip again.

If you like to see the data collected on the trip for yourself CLICK HERE.



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