BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Five people are injured by a man with a knife inside a popular Baltimore restaurant early Friday morning.

WJZ’s Meghan McCorkell has more on the investigation.

Investigators say the incident started on the second floor of Jimmy’s Famous Seafood just after 1:30 a.m. Friday.

Amanda Brilhart was inside the bar when the chaos broke out, she says when she looked around she saw people bleeding and a man on the ground.

“I literally automatically dropped to my knees like in tears. Start freaking out. I had to have five people pull me off of him. It’s one of my best friends who had been injured multiple times,” said Brilhart.

Detectives say it all began when an employee jumped in to intervene after a customer inappropriately groped a woman. Police say a man then pulled a knife and started slashing.

Four men were cut and a woman was smashed in the nose as a result of the incident. The suspect then fled the scene following the altercation.

For hours police interviewed witnesses in an attempt to identify the suspect.

Police also looking into whether surveillance footage from inside or outside the restaurant could help in the investigation.

“Jimmy’s Seafood is a very popular place. A lot of people like to go there and I’m sure families would feel a lot more comfortable knowing that a person like this is not going to visit that establishment anytime soon,” said Det. Niki Fannoy.

The restaurant is known for hosting multiple events with Raven’s players.

Employees arriving today declined to speak about the incident, but people living nearby are surprised.

All five people who were injured are expected to be okay.

Police say they have been called to the restaurant 22 times since July for minor incidents.


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