Mike Preston writes a column and covers the Ravens for the Baltimore Sun sports section.

Mike gave out his grades for the Ravens in a 33-30 overtime loss to the Cleveland Browns.

Mike started off by grading the Ravens offense and quarterback Joe Flacco giving him a grade of B-. Mike said that Joe “played well enough to win, but not well enough to carry the team to victory.” Mike gave the running backs a grade of A saying “the Ravens rushed for 181 yards on 31 carries, most of those on the legs of running back Justin Forsett.” Mike gave the receivers a grade of D, and the offensive line a grade of A.

Mike then moved to the defense where the defensive line received a grade of C with Mike saying “the Ravens held the Browns’ running game in check.” The linebackers received a grade of F with Mike saying “It was easily the worst game played by inside linebackers Daryl Smith and C.J. Mosley.” The secondary didn’t escape the wrath of Mike either they received a grade of D “the Ravens just don’t appear to be comfortable in zone or man coverages, whoever is on the field.”

Mike gave the special teams a grade of B+ saying “these units played fairly well.” Mike also gave the coaching staff a grade of D saying “Penalties hurt this team every week. That’s something John Harbaugh has to correct.”


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