By Mary Bubala

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Another new poll shows Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is more popular than ever–even among Democrats.

WJZ’s Mary Bubala has the latest on the poll.

Last week, a Goucher College poll said his approval rating was 58 percent, but this new poll says it’s soaring even higher.

Larry Hogan is the rare republican elected in a Democrat-dominated state, but he’s breaking through and making people happy with his decisions in office.

A new Washington Post-University of Maryland poll shows Governor Hogan’s approval rating has soared to 61 percent–way up from 42 percent in February.

And the Republican governor scores well with Maryland Democrats–with a 54 percent approval rating; 28 percent disapprove.

Within his own party–a huge approval rating of 82 percent–with just eight percent disapproval.

“Part of it’s the honeymoon period. He hasn’t been in office that long and the economy’s doing well. Part of it is people know what he’s going through personally,” said Dr. Amy Becker, Loyola University Baltimore.

Dr. Becker says Hogan’s recent fiscal decisions, like cutting tolls, have resonated with everyone.

And Governor Hogan has also gained support by sharing his cancer diagnosis and treatment, while becoming an advocate for other cancer patients.

“They really appreciate him being so open about his cancer. and he’s working through the disease and through his treatment,” said Becker. “So I think part of it is people like him for the person he’s showing them.”

The poll also showed voters have a new priority–education tops the list of what voters want the governor to focus on, followed by the economy and reducing taxes.

Back in February, taxes were on the top of that list.

“Respond to what Marylanders want in terms of education, I think his numbers will stay OK,” Dr. Becker said.

Hogan’s approval rating is actually nine points higher than that of his predecessor, Democrat Martin O’Malley, at the same point in his first term.

On Tuesday, Governor Hogan completed his sixth round of chemotherapy. He will get a scan next month to see if the treatment worked.


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