Mike Preston covers the Ravens and writes a column for the Baltimore Sun sports section.

Mike grades the performance in a 25-20 loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

Mike Started with the offense giving Joe Flacco a C. Mike noted that Flacco put in a typical performance, “it was a typical Joe performance, but receivers did drop 3 touchdowns. He never seems to get in a consistent rhythm.” The running backs received a grade of C saying, “Buck Allen turned in a solid performance.” Mike gave the receivers a grade of C- saying, “Steve Smith has had some big drops, but where the other receivers. Not very impressive from this group.” The offensive line was given a grade of B- saying, “the line played pretty well. Joe didn’t get sacked and they ran the ball pretty well.”

Mike gave the defensive line a grade of B- saying, “Jernigan, Williams and Guy all played well. Going into the season our strength as a team was our offensive and defensive lines and they continue to prove that.” Mike gave both the linebackers and secondary grades of C- saying “the Ravens still seemed lost in coverage at times.”

Mike gave the special teams the highest grade on the day with a B+ noting, “Jeremy Ross continued to impress as a specialist.” The coaching received the lowest grade on the day with a D. Mike acknowledged that John Harbaugh struggled with his management of timeouts.


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