Cliff Brown covers the Ravens for Comcast Sportsnet.

Cliff joined Ed and Steve to talk about another tough close loss for the Ravens in San Francisco.

Steve asked Cliff about the mental state of Ravens players in the locker room after the 49er’s game on Sunday. Cliff noted that the locker room was as quiet as he has ever seen it saying the players looked dejected, “dejected is what comes to mind. There really is not a lot of reason to believe they can turn the season around.”

Ed asked Cliff about the Ravens use of timeouts and the lack of urgency shown by the offense on the last drive of the game. Cliff mentioned that the timeouts proved costly, “I think you’re better off taking a delay of game. It was a waste of a timeout and you will need it later. At the end of the game they have to do a better job of getting the play call in and ran. Thirty-three seconds ran off between plays which can’t happen.”

Cliff went on to discuss Joe Flacco’s performances this season, the condition of the field in San Francisco, the lack of talent at wide receiver and in the secondary, as well as the struggles of the Ravens defensive unit this season.