Jason Catania with MLB.com joined the Scott Garceau Show to help preview the 2015 World Series.

With the series starting Tuesday night; the guys asked Jason who he has winning the series. “I think I’d lean Royals. I think it will really come down to the fact that; this team doesn’t strike out. They’ve made the most contact in baseball this year as an offense. The Met’s pitchers obviously we all know about these guys that throw 95mph and above. I just think I’m a little worried about the Mets infield defense with David Wright, Wilmer Flores, Lucas Duda and Daniel Murphy. None of those guys are above average defenders. So if the Royals put the ball in play which they have done all season long, an error or a batted ball that they don’t get to becomes a game-breaking single.”

Jason noted that the Mets aren’t just a great pitching team. They also have a pretty dangerous offense, “I think it’s sort of unfair to the hitters because so much of the focus has been on the arms. I think for me the Lucas Duda 5 RBI game in Game 4 against the Cubs was a big breakout because as we know the Royals have all right handed pitchers. Even in the bullpen its primarily (Wade) Davis and (Kelvin) Herrera who are right handers. So, I think you have to look at guys like Granderson, Murphy and Duda who are lefty hitters that can do some damage in a big spot. The Mets offense is scarier than most people think. It’s not just a pitching team.”

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