Orioles manager Buck Showalter and his wife Angela joined Sports Rehab with Bob Haynie to talk about their upcoming charity event in conjunction with the Orioles as well as the Orioles offseason.

Angela told us all about the Kids Peace Trick or Trot 5k one mile walk, “It’s a great time to come out to the ballpark. If you’re not going to be at a World Series in Camden Yards why not come out on Halloween morning, bring your family and take in the beautiful harbor? It’s for kids in therapeutic foster care, so what better way to impact someone’s life?”

Buck talked about what this charity event means to him, “Angela has been such a leader in this…it’s hard to believe this our sixth year with it. Just the way it impacts young peoples life. They age out of foster care at 21 and what happens when they’re not adopted? It’s a way to help not only these kids but our society. When it’s said and done it’s kind of what we leave behind is a valued impact on other peoples lives. It’s been a great honor to think that because we are a member of the Orioles organization that we can impact peoples lives like this. We just applaud everybody that takes the time to come out and be a part of this. It’s been quite a group effort.”

Go to kidspeace5k.org or call 410-964-9329 for more information and you can listen to the full interview here:


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