This week’s edition of The Norris & Davis Show Best Of features and interview with John Eisenberg of Baltimore and an interview with Phil Chenier about the beginning of the Wizards and NBA season.

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John joined Ed and Steve to talk about the season so far for the Ravens and how things can improve.

Steve asked John if he has noticed any changes in the atmosphere surrounding the Ravens after their 1-6 start to the season. John believes that the Ravens have shown signs of disappointment with their bad start to the season, “the only place where I maybe see some things is in the locker room right after the game. The worst locker room I’ve seen was after the 49ers game a few weeks ago. It was a pretty down locker room, but they have had a pretty business like attitude win or lose.”

Ed asked John about his opinion on the bad calls in the Ravens vs. Cardinals Monday Night game. John agreed that the performance of the officials was not been up to par citing too many rules as a possible reason why, “those were not good moments for the officials. I think there’s just too many rules. The rule book is just too thick. The flags are flying too much and there are too many penalties in football. The flow of the game is repeatedly slowed down, because there are too many stops and too many flags.”

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John went on to discuss the performance of Joe Flacco this season and his frustrations with the offensive system, the poor play of the receivers, and how much the front office is to blame for the Ravens struggles.


Phil joined Ed and Steve to talk about the Wizards opening their season in Orlando tonight.

Steve asked Phil about the Wizards’ off season moves and what they will mean for how the team plays this year. Phil acknowledged that the Wizards will likely play with much smaller lineups and a more up tempo offense, “I would say that we got a little smaller, so for this team to be successful they are going to need to hit more shots from the perimeter. the key will be if John and Brad continue to progress to be one of the best back courts in the NBA.”

Ed asked Phil about his thoughts on how the Eastern Conference playoff seeding will shape up this season and where the Wizards could fall in it. Phil noted that the LeBron lead Cavaliers are the class of the conference, “I think Cleveland has to be the team to beat in the East. Chicago looked very impressive last night in their win. I think Miami is going to be very good. I think the Wizards are right there along with Atlanta and Toronto. If things go well they could be as high as a 2 seed. If things don’t go well they could be a 7 or 8 seed.”

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Phil went on to discuss the Wizards pursuit of Kevin Durant in free agency next summer, if there is any reason to believe the New York Knicks will improve this season, and his thought on the Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton gun incident.