BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Winning games is the main focus for players on the field,, but off the field, they turn that passion to education.

Recently, one Baltimore city elementary school got a major boost in reading thanks to the Ravens organization.

Marcus Washington has more on how a new library is changing lives.

As we take a walk down the halls of Charles Carroll Barrister Elementary, we find something motivating — 343 kids to read and read a lot.

It’s become the new normal for this school.

After the Ravens organization put hundreds of thousands of dollars into the library for new books, shelves, desks and more — motivating kids to take a journey through words.

Joe Flacco and more showed up with gifts for the dedication of the library.

This is all a far cray from what the kids say they had before.

“The library was unorganized, books everywhere and people usually came for the computers and play,” 5th grader Tahira Smith, “[Now they come to] read and to take a test, but mostly reading.”

When it came to designing the new library, the Ravens organization wanted to make the reading experience a fun experience for the kids, so they turned the reading room into a stadium.

The kids say this is their favorite part of the library.

“It feels good because at my other schools, I’ve never had anything like this — and opportunities,” 5th grader Marquise Buriss said.

“We wanted to do it because reading is so important,” said Ravens President Dick Cass. “Our public schools are so important to our city and this is a school that is doing well. Proud to be a part of this.”

Principal David Wunder says the goal,  like many schools in the city, is to get all students reading at their grade level.

Wunder feels the new library is a boost for that mission.

“I think the number one things our kids have to understand is, it doesn’t matter if you’re from the suburbs, if you’re from a rural area or if you’re from the inner city, opportunities are everywhere,’ he said. “Anything is possible, all you have to do is take advantage of that.”


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