From his Christopher Walken impressions to the Opera outbursts, Baltimore Raven Justin Tucker really is a Renaissance man. He’s even brought his talents to television once or twice. Let’s check out a few of them:

Let’s start with his NFL Films feature that goes over how Coach John Harbaugh and fellow teammates feel about his operatic outbreaks and even some of his impressions of Ray Lewis. You can watch it here. 

Then, the Pro Bowl Kicker channeled his inner Matthew McConaughey for this local Carbiz TV commercial as he explains the art of driving:

Justin Tucker Driving w/ Both Feet – CARBIZ from Corner Unit Media on Vimeo.

And Justin Tucker sure does love his Royal Farms coffee, so much so it sends him into Opera mode yet again:

Of course, we can’t ignore his most recent moment of stardom as he attempted his very own version of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ dance after the winning field goal kick last Sunday:

And let’s not forget his tribute to Cousin Terio’s ‘Ohh Kill Em’ dance:

So overall, Justin Tucker is just one cool dude. Which moment was your favorite?

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