BALTIMORE (WJZ)—In a Sunday morning interview on ESPN’s SportsCenter, former Ravens running back Ray Rice says he wants to work for the NFL and raise awareness for domestic violence.

The Rice interview comes in the wake of Dallas Cowboys’ Greg Hardy, after images surface showing his former girlfriend, Nicole Holder, extensively bruised.

Hardy was convicted back in 2014 following an incident in North Carolina, but the case was tossed on appeal when Holder couldn’t be located to testify. Hardy was suspended by the NFL, but ultimately given a second chance by the Cowboys in 2015.

When Rice is asked to speak on the Hardy incident he says he can only speak about his own case.

Rice, who was released from the team last year following a domestic violence incident at an Atlantic City casino, says he understands “never being forgiven” and wants to raise awareness about domestic violence.

“To never be forgiven, I understand those things, and I take full responsibility for my actions. The one thing I can say is… I have made a lifelong decision to raising awareness about this,” Rice said.

And if Rice is never given a second shot to shine in the NFL again he hopes the league will let him spread his message.

“I think the NFL has such a huge platform…so if I never played a down again, why not see if I could use their platform to go out there and make a difference,” Rice said.


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