Mike Preston writes a column and covers the Ravens for the Baltimore Sun sports section.

Mike joined Ken and Steve to give out his mid-season report card to the 2-6 Baltimore Ravens.


Mike gave Joe Flacco a grade of C+ saying “it has been a tough year for Joe Flacco with so much change on the coaching staff and at the wide receiver position.” As for the running back position Mike gave them a grade of C saying “the Ravens have little speed at this position and the running backs haven’t been a major weapon out of the backfield as most predicted they would be under offensive coordinator Marc Trestman.” Mike gave the receivers a grade of C- and talked about their inconsistencies but summed up the position saying “the Ravens don’t have a receiver any defense fears.” Finally with the offense the line received a grade of C- saying “this group was supposed to be the backbone of the team and has been solid, but not dominant.”


On the defensive side of the ball Mike started with the D line saying “more teams are starting to run against this group, which needs to generate more pass rush.” When it comes to the linebackers Mike gave them a grade of C- and talked about each player individually and that players failures and successes this season. The secondary received the majority of Mike’s wrath receiving a grade of D and Mike saying “week in and week out, the Ravens blow assignments, allow too many big plays, play soft on the outside and miss tackles…a major improvement won’t happen until the Ravens bring in new personnel during the off-season.”

Mike also talked about the special teams which he gave an A to saying “this group, specifically the kicking game, is the primary reason that the Ravens have two wins.” Finally Mike gave the coaching staff a grade of D saying “the Ravens haven’t executed well enough to win games and they made way too many mistakes in crucial situations…that falls on Harbaugh, whose team hustle, but lacks discipline”


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