Legendary Ravens Safety, Ed Reed joined the Scott Garceau Show to talk about his upcoming charity event, retirement and his induction into the Ravens Ring Of Honor.

With Ed in retirement and major coaching changes set to happen at Miami University; Scott asked Ed if he would consider coaching his alma-mater in any capacity. “Yea, I’m in a place where I can probably do that. Where I can get stuff done. It just depends on the total situation…my job title…what I would be doing, it all just depends on that. I am open for any occupation right now. The world is an oyster for me at this point. I’m still working out, I’m still feeling good, many things can happen. “

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Scott later asked Ed how he feels about being inducted into the Ravens Ring Of Honor, “It’s going to be surreal. I have so many thoughts about it , honestly I don’t feel like it’s supposed to be happening right now. I don’t feel like it’s supposed to be happening at this moment, but to be back in front of the fans is going to be a real good thing. I wish I could go out there in my uniform.”

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Join Ed Reed on Saturday November 21st for his free pop up farmers market at the New Hope Academy in Baltimore. “At the end of the day it’s about helping each other. It’s about building each other up. We don’t care if 20,000 people show up or 20 show up. We’re gonna treat you the same and do the same thing and that’s what it’s about.”

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