Former Dallas Cowboys fullback and current FOX analyst Daryl “Moose” Johnston joined Ed an Steve to talk about the Ravens disappointing 2-7 start to the season, as well as the latest news and notes around the NFL.

Steve asked Daryl if he thinks the Ravens are as bad as their 2-7 record indicates. Daryl acknowledged that the Ravens are not as bad of a team as people think they are, “this is something were seeing across the league. I think in the league now there are around 8 plays a game that shift the momentum and lead to teams winning. The teams who are at the top of the standings are making those plays and the teams at the bottom are not. I think the way the Ravens have also shifted the way they are playing this year which has a lot to do with the personnel changes.”

Ed asked Daryl about his thoughts on Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco’s performances this season. Daryl noted that there are a few factors in why he has struggled this season, “Joe throws a really good deep ball but teams are putting a lot of effort in not allowing offenses to beat them over the top. I think the big thing is that there isn’t the supporting cast there that has been there in the past. I also think he’s feeling a good amount of pressure.”

Daryl went on to discuss the Broncos quarterback situation, and whether the NFL should adjust the playoff home field advantage rules.