By Rick Ritter

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The first high-profile trial in the Freddie Gray case gets underway. On Monday, the judge questioned potential jurors for the trial of Baltimore police officer William Porter, but jury selection is not done yet.

Rick Ritter has the latest on protests.

Protesters made their way down to the Inner Harbor, but remained very peaceful, saying that is where they want they want to demonstrate throughout the trials and “shut businesses down,” citing a lack of investment in the black community, and, of course, these six trials.

It started outside the Mitchell Courthouse. The same chants heard during jury selection for Officer William Porter carried all the way to the Inner Harbor.

Dozens of protesters marched with a purpose.

“The goal is to not disrupt the court proceedings, but just to remind them that we are out here on the streets,” said Kwame Rose.

Monday night’s group weaved through the downtown area for hours–a specific target for their demonstrations.

“They’re not going to pay attention if we march to Gilmor Homes, but they’ll pay attention if we come down to the Inner Harbor, where they make their money,” said Duane Davis.

As more joined in, security increased. Police met the group at Power Plant Live before trying to reason with them.

More than two hours of protests concluded at City Hall–just a small glimpse of what’s to come in Charm City over the next few months.

Protesters say Monday was a dry run. They plan on being back out Tuesday, saying this will not just be a weekly thing throughout the trials, but a daily one.

Rick Ritter