Tony Lombardi from the Russel St. Report joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn to talk some Ravens football.

After Matt Schaub went 32/46 with two interceptions including a pick-six Sunday against the Dolphins; Jeremy asked Tony whether the Ravens should look to switch to Jimmy Clausen as their starting quarterback. “The question is: is Matt Schaub in your plans for 2016? Is Jimmy Clausen in your plans or could he be? I think that the guy that is probably more likely to be the backup next year is the guy that should be getting the snaps. Or maybe they just go back and forth with these guys and give them a chance. I don’t think that you can say to the rest of your team that we are going to put in a guy that has been here a couple of weeks over a guy that has been here all year long. I don’t think it’s the time to make that switch from Matt Schaub, but I think the offensive line has played in such a way that it might be inevitable anyway.”

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The Ravens play three of their final four games at M & T Bank Stadium. Unfortunately, they face some of the hottest teams in football in these four games in the (7-5) Seahawks, (7-5) Chiefs, (7-5) Steelers and the (10-2) Bengals. Scott asked Tony about the Ravens’ tough road ahead of them to finish the season despite playing at home in their next three games.  “I don’t know how it gets much harder than that unless those games we’re all on the road. It’s going to be a tough battle for the Ravens the rest of the way. I do think that they will play them hard and they will show up on time but I think they are in trouble with some of those teams, particularly Pittsburgh.  I don’t want to see the Ravens on a national stage be embarrassed with 30,000 terrible towel waving fans in their stadium.”


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