Jeanne Marie Laskas is the author of the GQ article “Game Brain” the basis for the upcoming movie ‘Concussion’.

Jeanne joined Ed and Steve to discuss the article that inspired the upcoming movie and what led to her writing the article.

Steve asked Jeanne Marie who Dr. Bennett Omalu is. Jeanne Marie noted that Dr. Omalu is the man who discovered CTE and its effects on the brain, “he’s the guy that figured it out. He was working at the morgue, and he wanted to know what was going on in Mike Webster’s brain. He took the brain home with him and found CTE in it. He had to do all the research on his own and pay for it himself.”

Ed asked Jeanne Marie if the movie ‘Concussion’ is the NFL’s worst nightmare. Jeanne Marie believes this movie and the entire controversy surrounding concussions and brain injuries has been the league’s worst nightmare, “I think it has been their worst nightmare and they have been trying to keep it away from their audience for a long time. The NFL can’t keep this up where they refute what scientists are finding out about CTE. We have all been duped.”

Jeanne Marie went on to discuss the accuracy of the movie Concussion, whether the NFL really is concerned with player safety, and what parents and athletes need to know before they play the game of football.


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