It’s becoming a “thing” around the NFL to stick rookies with a bill for an outrageously priced meal. On Monday night, Baltimore Ravens rookie defensive tackle Carl Davis found himself on the receiving end of the financial blast.

The Ravens aren’t the only team to place a hit the rookies’ wallets.

The Redskins defense celebrated a win one night by racking up a $22,000 dinner tab at a restaurant and then made the rookies pay for it.

The Eagles have also taken part in this ‘ritual,’ and the (now Denver Bronco) offensive guard Evan Mathis said, “teaching rookies a lesson…” in response to a $65K bill.

But could this action been seen as a form of hazing? In this article, it clearly states that this is a common form of “building chemistry” in the NFL and a way to “break in their newbies.”

Do you think this can be considered hazing? Is it just good ol’ bonding?

It should be noted that the Baltimore Ravens have since deleted the tweet and removed the story from their site.