B.J. Surhoff is a former Major League Baseball player who played for 8 seasons in Baltimore.

B.J. joined Ed and Steve to discuss his upcoming speakers event for Pathfinders for Autism, as well as, the latest news surrounding the Orioles off-season.

Steve asked B.J. to give his thoughts on the mindset of Chris Davis as he considers the Orioles offer of $150 million to return to Baltimore. B.J. noted that, “Chris has had a great run here and the team is trying to be proactive in bringing him back. For Chris I think in the end what he has to decide where it is he’s going to be happiest.”

Ed asked B.J. about what players take into consideration when they decide on which team to sign with. B.J. acknowledged that there are many factors to consider, but winning is usually at the top of the list, “some things come into play from tax situations in different states. I would hope at his age winning would be a priority. It’s hard once you get a taste of winning to go back to a struggling team.”

B.J. went on to discuss the importance of the work done by pathfinders for autism, the work to expand the program, the impact of the players union on players when signing new contracts, and the growth of player salaries in Major League Baseball.


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