By Mike Hellgren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The bloodshed in Baltimore is out of control. The city could end up with the highest number of murders ever.

WJZ Investigator Mike Hellgren with video of a teenager’s final moments alive.

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The teenager gets shot in the head, and the gunman simply walks away like nothing has happened.

Baltimore has already seen the highest number of murders per capita in the city’s history–just ten away from an all-time record.

As Baltimore surges past 340 murders, chilling new surveillance video shows a killer in the act.

On Greenmount Avenue, suspects walk about at the scene, then confront the victim — 18-year-old Takis Shaw — shooting him in the head. One suspect runs off, the other shows off the weapon, brazenly pointing it before getting back in a blue Acura TL and leaving the scene.

The teenager’s death remains unsolved.

“To come out and see their kid lying in the street dead, it’s a hurting feeling. It’s hurting to my heart to see our black teenagers killing each other out here,” said Greg King.

The man who died on King’s block Monday was just 22-years-old. Dominique Harris was his name. He was shot over and over again in the street.

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His death was just blocks from where Freddie Gray was arrested–the case that sparked riots.

Police denied a slowdown and initially blamed the increase in murders on people stealing prescription drugs from pharmacies during the unrest and later started a “war room” to focus on the worst violent offenders.

Last week, the police commissioner spoke about the illegal guns flooding into the city from out of state.

Police are still working to understand what else is driving the bloodshed.

“What was the reason that these bad guys felt that they could go out and commit the crimes at the pace and the rate that they’re doing it this year?” said T.J. Smith, Baltimore City Police Department. “And let the bad guys know, that they’re not going to be allowed to operate in anonymity in Baltimore any longer.”

Councilman Brandon Scott, who has marched in outrage over the violence, is still upset, noting that 23 children have died this year. He says Baltimore must do better.

“This year is an embarrassment for anyone who says they love the city of Baltimore,” Scott said. “No seven-year-old, no 16-year-old, no 14-year-old should lose their life to violence. And when that happens, that should be a big deal for all of us.”

Baltimore has had more numbers than in New York City, which has more than 13 times the population.

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The highest number of killings ever was 353. That was back in 1993. Baltimore had a significantly higher population at the time.