BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The countdown is on.

Thursday is the last day of 2015, and the start of the New Year will come with a fireworks display that’s expected to be the best one the city has ever seen.

WJZ’s Jessica Kartalija has a preview.

It will be a 14-minute show, and 6,500 fireworks will be going off in the synchronized performance.

“We actually paint the sky with the fireworks,” said Nick Hock, with Image & Engineering. “That’s our canvas, and the fireworks are our brush.”

The Image & Engineering team has fireworks made in the United States, China and France.

“We are pushing the boundaries a little with some new shell creations that haven’t been seen or shown before,” said Hock. “With new technology, we are able to get this show tighter, tighter and tighter every year.”

It’s the best part of the year in Charm City.

“Any chance that we can get to shed a positive light on the city and do something that’s fun and positive, we take full advantage of that,” said Megan Boss, with the Baltimore Office of Promotion & Arts.

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