BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Allergy doctors are seeing a spike in patients these last couple of weeks.

They are blaming it on the warm, humid weather that’s become the perfect breeding ground for spores.

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And as Gigi Barnett reports, experts say expect a spring that will bring much more of the same.

Maryland’s record-breaking high temperatures.

A holiday gift unlike many others this year: light jackets for joggers, heaters are off and the city’s ice skating rink riddled with puddles.

But for allergy sufferers the warmer weather is more misery than merriment.

Doctors say blame it on the warm, wet winter weather that produce sandals and sneakers instead of snow boots. It’s the perfect petri dish for mold and mites.

And phones are ringing off the hook for allergy appointments.

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“This time of year typically allergy patients slow down a little bit because as the weather gets colder there are less pollens and allergens in the air outside. But this time of year we’re starting to see more people complain of allergies kind of out of season for them,” said Dr. Manav Singla, MedStar Union Memorial.

Doctors fear that the wet weather will linger, making way to a brutal spring.

Some say they rather have it warm and take their medicine.

Which is good, cause it may be the only way to get some relief.

So just how many more patients say they need some relief during this warm winter?

Doctors say they’re seeing a jump as much as 30 percent in the number of patients coming to their offices.

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Doctors say if you take over-the-counter allergy relief drugs to start doing it now, they will alleviate symptoms before the spring.