Roch Kubatko with MASN Sports joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn to give us the latest news happening around the MLB off-season.

News broke today that free agent outfielder Alex Gordon will be staying in Kansas City after the two sides agreed to a 4-year $72 million deal. Roch talked about Gordon taking a hometown discount and the slim possibility of him signing with the Orioles. “He clearly was willing to take less to stay in Kansas City. I checked with the Orioles again, they did like him but there were concerns about him physically. One person said ‘I wonder how he would of done with our physical’. I just don’t think they would of gone 4-years for Alex Gordon– as a matter of fact I’m sure they wouldn’t of gone 4 years for Alex Gordon.”

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Scott asked Roch if he could choose between the three free agent sluggers still on the market (Davis, Upton and Cespedes); who would he sign? “It’s easy for me to say Davis because you know what you got there. People thought we were going to be 0-6 in keeping our free agents and we got O’Day, Wieters and now it would be Davis, I think that would be quite a statement. The only caveat with this is if that’s the only impact move you make than I am hesitant because what are we going to do with the rotation? Who’s my right fielder? So if you could go ahead and get Upton at a reasonable cost and still have enough to sign another impact type player which you couldn’t do if you gave that money to Davis; then I might lean more in that direction.”

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