By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Some tense times for a busload of teens. While near their Baltimore County school, their bus suddenly stopped and they lurched forward as the bus sank into pavement.

Mike Schuh has more.

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For about an hour, there was water flowing across Cranbrook Road. Salt trucks had come out to keep the water from a busted main from freezing—but then the ground gave way.

The road was blocked and ice was everywhere. A county schoolbus was up to its axle in a sinkhole.

“There was a water main break on Cranbrook Road,” said an official. “When the bus went over it this morning, part of the roadway collapsed and the back end of the bus fell into a sinkhole.”

Nearby businesses and apartment complexes were not affected. Water was re-routed to avoid those problems.

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Cranbrook is closed between Ridgeland Road and just below Cranbrook Shopping Center.

The bus was headed to Dulaney High School.

It took two heavy tow trucks to remove the bus from the sink hole.

The bus was finally out of the sink hole around 9:45 a.m.

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That main is owned and operated by the city and the street and the bus are operated by the county. Repairs are expected to take much of the day.