Remember 5 years ago at the state of the Ravens press conference when Steve Bisciotti said, “John’s feeling is we like Cam (Cameron) under fire.”  That was an acknowledgement that they knew Cam needed to do a better job, and that was after a 12-4 season!

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2 years ago, Steve Bisciotti said, after they missed the playoffs, that when it happens once, he lets his people fix it but if it happens again, then he starts to get involved. Now, this is 2 times in 3 years they missed the playoffs, and last year they barely made it in. So, does Bisciotti, at the press conference Thursday, say “we like ?????? under fire” and who would that person be.

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To me, it’s Ozzie Newsome and the front office.  They are under fire. Ozzie is a Hall of Fame caliber GM.  I want him to be around for a long time. That said, he is in a bit of a slump. They’ve drafted 1 Pro Bowler since 2009.  They haven’t gotten their money’s worth on a number of long term and restructured deals, such as Webb, Monroe, Pitta, Suggs and so far, Jimmy Smith. They let Jacoby Jones go, which was fine, but didn’t adequately replace him.  They revamped the secondary and didn’t get any better. Joe Flacco was severely lacking proven weapons this year outside of Steve Smith and it crippled the team while both were playing. This doesn’t mean it’s all bad.  They’ve had good moves too. And, you can’t predict injuries.

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However, this team lacks playmakers on offense and defense; in short, they are talent deficient.  They need to get better players. For me, I like “Ozzie under fire” and I bet Steve Bisciotti does too.