BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The only Walmart in Baltimore City is closing its doors. The Port Covington Walmart is among 269 Walmart stores worldwide being shut down by the company.

The store is on the same land where Under Armour plans to build its new headquarters.

Meghan McCorkell has more from disappointed shoppers.

Walmart has announced they will close their Port Covington store this Sunday — a shock for both shoppers and employees.

It’s one of the only supermarkets near several South Baltimore communities.

“We didn’t have a market, so this is basically most people’s market,” said Katherine Huntley.

Now the Port Covington Walmart will close its doors for good.

“I come to this Walmart all the time, probably like three or four times out of the week,” said Gwen Terry.

With a bus stop right in front, some say it’s the only store that people in the area can make it to without a car.

“I think it’s sad for the people that live around here because it’s not convenient for them, especially ones that don’t have no transportation,” said Ray Parker.

The Port Covington store is one of 269 underperforming Walmarts shutting down.

In a statement, the company says:

While the decision to close a store is never easy, this action comes as part of a thorough review of Walmart’s nearly 11,600 worldwide stores that took into account a number of factors, including financial performance as well as strategic alignment with long-term plans. Our goal is to place as many associates as possible who would like to continue with the company at other nearby locations, and we will  be giving impacted associates priority for open positions at other nearby stores. Those associates who have not been placed another location when the closure process is complete will receive 60 days’ pay. We will also be providing resume and interview skills training and severance pay for those who are eligible. Additionally, we have reached out to the mayor’s office and the city has offered to assist impacted associates through the city career development centers. With a number of stores in Greater Baltimore, it is our hope that we can continue serving a majority of our customers through another nearby location.

The land the Port Covington Walmart sits on is part of Under Armour’s massive new redevelopment project.

Under Armour has already converted the old Sam’s Club next door into one of the buildings for its headquarters.

Plans for the new Port Convington include offices, homes, stores and restaurants as well as 40 acres of parks.

Neighbors hope that brings much-needed resources to the area.

“We don’t have a lot of grocery stores and certain amenities as other communities, so we would really be excited that these things would be coming,” said Keisha Allen, Westport Neighbors Association.

As they say goodbye to one of the only stores serving this community.

First opened in 2002, the Port Convington Walmart was supposed to be part of a revitalization effort that never materialized.


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