BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The historic blizzard of 2016 was no match for a determined family, who fought the elements to make it to the hospital to deliver a newborn baby during the height of the storm.

Amy Yensi with more on the touch-and-go moments for the family.

Both mommy and baby are doing just fine, but the proud parents say the ride to the hospital in all that snow is one they’ll never forget.

As the blizzard dumped more than two feet of snow, another storm was brewing for Devin and Mindy Beharry. Their baby boy was on the way.

“It was so much snow. You couldn’t even see anything. It looked like a white wall in front of us,” said Devin Beharry, father.

When Mindy Beharry went into labor Saturday, the roads to the hospital were a mess.

“They came with the fire engine and they all started shoveling the driveway to get out,” she said.

Matthew Michael was due to arrive January 30, but he couldn’t wait to make his grand entrance until the streets were plowed.

The trip to Sinai Hospital hit some major road blocks.

“The chain snapped from the tire. So we’ve got one chain on one tire and the other there’s no chain,” Devin said.

“The paramedic said, ‘Between here and the hospital, if anything happens, I’m going to deliver the baby,'” said Mindy.

But the couple did make it to the hospital, thanks to the persistent paramedics from the Reisterstown Volunteer Fire Department.

Less than two hours later, the baby arrived at 4 pounds 3 ounces.

Little Matthew’s arrival during the storm has earned him a new nickname, “Blizzard Baby.” The name is catching on.

The couple plans to tell their boy his birthday is a part of history.

“I’m glad it happened this way because we have a story to tell,” said Mindy.

The baby and mom are out of the hospital.

The couple says they did consider naming the baby Jonas, just like the storm.


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