BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Super Bowl 50 has already been dubbed the ‘Golden’ Super Bowl with it’s special anniversary and now it’s turning into even more of a “fancy” affair. The two teams in the big game are seemingly keeping with the ‘Black Tie’ theme and have opted for black and white jerseys.

After wearing white for two straight weeks, the Carolina Panthers will be switching up their uniforms for the Super Bowl. The Panthers announced on Tuesday that they’ll be wearing their black jerseys for their Feb. 7 game against the Broncos.

Carolina went 6-0 this season wearing its black jerseys. However, the Panthers, they won’t be going all black for the game. The team has decided to wear silver pants to go with the black jerseys.

The Broncos, who are the designated home team for the Super Bowl, have chosen to ditch their colorful orange uniforms for their white jerseys. “We’ve had Super Bowl success in our white uniforms,” John Elway said.

The Broncos aren’t the only ones who have won a Super Bowl wearing that color. Since Super Bowl XXXIX, teams wearing white have gone 10-1.

Gold, silver, black and white…do you think the uniforms really have something to do with success?




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