By Alex DeMetrick

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The snow pile continues to grow at M&T Bank Stadium where much of the snow being picked up in Baltimore is being dumped.

Alex DeMetrick has more on those operations.

What’s taking shape here gives the blizzard a new sense of scale.

A mountain of snow is taking shape in the parking lots of M&T Bank Stadium.

Plowed and picked up off Baltimore streets, it is being hauled in by private contractors from across the state.

“They have us on an 18-hour shift,” a driver said.

Approximately, 50 dump trucks an hour hauling as much as two tons of snow each. That’s 100 tons an hour.

Something that hasn’t been seen here since the back-to-back blizzards of 2010.

“My memories of the piles were not this high in 2010,” said Jeff Brovenzano.

Brovenzano is the Vice President of Stadium Operations and he’s worried.

“[In] 67 days we have Opening Day baseball. This is Opening Day baseball parking lots,” he said. “We have to have them open for Opening Day.”

So a snow melter has been brought in from Boston, which faces a month of blizzards last winter.

“Not as much as we had in Boston, but you got quite a pile here,” said Louie Barretto, of L&L Services.

The snow is being melted at a rate of about 150 tons per hour.

“It’s a 15 million BTU burner and it works with forced air and OT creates a vortex inside the thing and melts the snow,” said Barretto.

How much snow is here is anybody’s guess.

“These are looking about four stories to me,” said Brovenzano. “There’s still more coming and until it stops coming, we’re just maintaining the volume.”

When the last load is dumped, the next challenge will be making all this disappear by April 4th.


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