BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Ravens running back Justin Forsett is finding ways to help the people in Flint, Michigan struggling with the water crisis.

He was at the Super Bowl this past weekend and despite being surrounded by pleasantries, he knew his help was needed elsewhere. He recently penned an article on sharing his plea with players in the NFL saying, “I have a platform, you have a platform. You have a platform as soon as there’s a person looking up to you, and that can be anybody. I believe that we all have the responsibility to serve.”

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With that in mind, Forsett, along with his former teammate Torrey Smith, will head to Flint to connect with the people of in-person. He spoke with his business partners at ShowerPill, which produces antibacterial body wipes, and they agreed to help the cause.

“I spoke to my business partners and talked to my friends around the league to see if we could get something going in Flint. I reached out to people who have hearts to serve and give. I didn’t have any expectations, but the response and support was unbelievable. From Mark Ingram (who is from Flint) to Torrey Smith to Marshawn Lynch to the practice squad guys who were willing to give whatever they could to show love, the support was truly overwhelming. As soon as I told them what I was trying to do, all I heard was, ‘No problem. I’m willing to do whatever I can.’ It was tremendous.”

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With the support of about 20 NFL players, Justin Forsett said that $100,000 worth of body wipes and water has landed in Flint. He and his team have partnered up with the United Way to help distribute the packs to the schools and senior homes.

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