BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The frantic search continues for the person who killed a Morgan State student in an off-campus parking lot.

Marcus Washington spoke to anxious students and police about the fatal stabbing and the search for a killer.

There are still a lot of questions from students, the administration and police. It’s been over a week since 20-year-old Gerald Williams was stabbed at the off-campus student apartments, later dying.

It’s been eight days and still no arrest in the Williams’ murder.

“It was rough. You wouldn’t expect things like that to happen on campus,” said sophomore Kendall Costley.

The investigation from both campus and Baltimore City police continues. The search is on for the person who stabbed Williams at the off-campus student apartment complex, the ending result after some sort of altercation that started at a student basketball game earlier that evening.

“We know these students saw it; we know they’re talking about it. We need them to step forward; we need them to take responsibility for what happened in their community in efforts to try to keep their community safe,” said Detective Donny Moses.

Since the February 2nd incident, security measures on campus have been evaluated. Tuesday night, the administration did a walk-through assessing campus lighting and security.

“We take a hard look at our resources, our deployment, our staffing, and then as the president intimated, we made some decisions to make an even larger investment in our safe security,” said Adrian Wiggins, Morgan State Campus and Public Safety.

What happened at the off-campus apartments still haunts many Morgan State students and they’re hoping for an arrest soon.

“When an individual makes an action like that, they have to be prepared for the consequences so the police are going to have to get them,” Costley said.

“I do hope that they find who did this and it’s brgought to justice but also that a lot of us, especially this age range, learning from this situation. At the end of the day, it’s never worth it,” said senior Joseph Ukwu.

If you have any information on this murder, you’re asked to call police.

Funeral services for Williams are scheduled for Thursday at Reid Temple AME Church in Glen Dale at 11 a.m.