Everyone knows I’m one of the biggest Manning Fans around. I don’t hide it at all.  I love the possible storybook ending and my hope is that he hangs up the cleats.  The story is great, he can ride off into the sunset playing his last game and walking away a two-time Superbowl champion.  It was really tough to watch him play this year. Mentally, you could see him making adjustments and reading the defense the way Manning has always done.  Physically, he looked awful.  There wasn’t any velocity on the passes he was throwing.  He had virtually no touch on the football when he would try to chuck it down field.

It’s time for Pey Pey to go.  I’d hate to see him hang on for another year with the Rams or Texans or whomever would look to sign him.  I don’t believe he will be back with the Broncos.  If he did come back, what would be the reason?  Money, fame, success or records?  He has all of that and has broken almost every single passing record in the league.  There were reports that it would take him close to 45 minutes to get his pads and cleats off after every game.  Why put yourself through that?

I appreciate the passion and dedication he has to the game of football, but father time is undefeated and his knees looked a little wobbly in the 11th round. It’s been an absolute blast watching him play and I’ll miss it every Sunday, but it’s time to go.