This week’s edition of The Norris & Davis Show best of includes interviews with Chris Knoche about Terps basketball, and Tom Grieve on the possible addition of Yovani Gallardo.

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Chris joined Ed and Steve to talk about the Terps win over Bowie State and their upcoming game against Wisconsin.

Chris started off by talking about what he took away from the 93-62 win over Bowie State saying “it sort of had the feel of a scrimmage or exhibition game…everyone got out of it what they wanted, Bowie State got a nice check and Maryland got to play a lot of players.” As for why the Terps played Bowie State in the middle of the season Knoche said “the Big Ten had given Maryland a bye week, and this was a way to keep the team sharp and not just practice.”

As for the play of Michal Cekovsky in the win and what he expects from him in the future Chris said “in the NBA world Michal Cekovsky is an interesting prospect…the NBA has this weird mentality when you’re 22 years old the NBA looks at you like why are you still in school.” As for whether or not Robert Carter will head to the NBA after this season Chris said “I would think so…he has an NBA skill set, for the good of your program you have to think everyone is leaving and recruit accordingly.”

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Finally Chris gave his opinion of what will happen when the Terps take on Wisconsin Saturday evening at 6:30pm on The Fan, and talked about the Louisville NCAA violation situation.


Tom joined Ed and Steve to talk about what Orioles fans should expect if the team signs pitcher Yovani Gallardo.

Tom started off by giving his take on Yovani Gallardo saying “he’s a tough guy to evaluate, the bottom line is you look at overall results and the overall results were good for us.” As for what the Orioles get if they sign Gallardo Tom said “he’s not a guy who’s going to pitch deep into ball games…he’ll throw 102 pitches in 5 or 6 and 1/3 innings, he’s tough to hit.”

As for if he makes the Orioles better or not Tom said “yes he would make you better…I think Rangers would be happy to get a draft pick for him, he makes your rotation better and if nothing else he provides depth, probably a 4th or 5th starter.”

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Tom finished up by talking about if the Orioles should be concerned offering 3 years to Gallardo and if his arm can hold up for that length of time.