By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–There are a growing number of studies showing that exercise is not only good for your body, but also for you mind.

As Mike Schuh shows us, one group is trying to keep seniors sharp.

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Some brain training programs focus on exercise, but not everyone, like seniors, are able to do such high intensity aerobics.

It’s the general concern for seniors at the Keswick Multi-Care Center in Hamden.

“All of us worry, is my memory going am I going to be able to maintain my independence,” said Carmel Roques, Keswick CEO.

Carmel has been inviting all seniors, not only those who live at Keswick, but anywhere nearby to be active and engaged.

The programs includes eight weeks of free advice on nutrition, exercise, meditation, socialization, & cognitive stimulation.

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“The people who participate in the class talk about and enhanced sense of well-being, quality of life, and a sense of efficacy, of being able to manage their day to day life,” Roques says.

Clara Jones  like it so much she signed up again.

“It was wonderful it gave me hope, I think we all have a fear of dementia,” she said.

In fact, they test everybody before the class and after, they say there was a marked improvement in scores.

“I feel empowered, I feel that there is so much out there that I can continue to learn, just because I’m a senior citizen, it doesn’t mean I’m at the end of the road,” said Jones.

A side benefit, of the 32 people who’ve taken the course, some have made connections that have lead to friendships

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The cost of the 8-week program is free. For more information CLICK HERE.