New York, NY (WJZ) — A college basketball campaign to bring awareness to autism resarch, family services and advocacy will take place this weekend.

Towson University’s basketball coach Pat Skerry will spearhead the Coaches Powering Forward for Autism along with Tom Herrion, an assistant coach with Georgia Tech.

“I am very excited how quickly the event has grown from when I started it as an on-campus event in conjunction with one of our games,” said Pat Skerry, head coach of the Towson University men’s basketball team. “Having the backing of Autism Speaks and partnering with our coaching brethren will bring more exposure and awareness to such an important cause that is dear to both Tom and me.”

It’s a unique opportunity for the NCAA basketball community and fans to rally around their favorite team while raising funds and awareness for a good cause.

“Coaches Powering Forward for Autism provides coaches, their teams, athletic staff, schools and fans with opportunities to raise awareness, fundraise and advocate for the needs of people affected by autism,” the group said in a statement.

All weekend coaches along with fans, broadcasters, officials and supporters will don the blue Autism Speaks puzzle piece pin during college basketball games.

Anyone can participate by joining their favorite coach or school’s fundraising team at

“Pat and Tom are advocates in every sense of the word. The campaign is a true grassroots effort, and it continues to grow under the Coaches Powering Forward for Autism banner with far more coaches, officials, fans and broadcasters engaged,” said Liz Feld, president of Autism Speaks. “In addition, Pat and Tom have become great ambassadors for Autism Speaks by attending events across the country that demonstrate the importance of participation and volunteerism.”



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