What a gut wrenching awful loss for the Terps last night.  They lost to a team that hadn’t won a game in the Big Ten.  Diamond Stone was suspended but that’s not an excuse for the way they played.  They had every opportunity to win that game in the last few minutes.  The Gophers had a bunch of turnovers, but the Terps couldn’t take an advantage of any of them at the end of the game.

On top of that, Maryland was in the Double Bonus, and they were only cashing in on half of those attempts.  The Golden Gophers were knocking down both free throws when they had the opportunity.

Moving forward, the Terps have Michigan on Sunday and I fully expect a win for Maryland.  A nice revenge spot for them and i see a double digit win. They have 2 tough games on the road against Purdue and Indiana.  Their final home game will be against Illinois, which should be a win for the Terps.  Then they are off to the Big Ten tournament.  That loss to the Golden Gophers probably cost them at least 1 spot in seeding come March Madness.