Miguel Gonzalez is a starting pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles.

Miguel joined Ed and Steve to talk about spring training and the upcoming season.

Miguel started off by talking about the shape he is in and how he feels coming in saying “I feel good, I’m excited for this season…last year was tough I had some ups and downs I wasn’t pitching well due to tendinitis.” When asked about his off-season workout schedule and how that is going Miguel said “we’ve been working out here since January 2nd…here Monday through Friday working out hard, hopefully it pays off.”

Miguel talked about being injured last year and trying to get through it and the battle that was saying “when you have something that is bothering you while you’re performing it is tough to be mentally strong…a lot of guys who get hurt struggle through their performance.”

As for the off-season re-signings of Matt Wieters, Chris Davis, and Darren O’Day and if he was shocked by them Miguel said “I wasn’t really surprised…we’re all excited to have those guys back they’re great teammates, and I assume they’re happy because this is their home.”


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